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Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey there! Since you are on this page, you are probably curious about affiliates and what affiliate links are.

Being an affiliate means that I work with certain companies (like Amazon), to advertise their products on my blog. I am provided with a tracking link, that allows me to be given a small percentage of the end cost, should a potential buyer click through on that link and make the purchase.

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything Extra

By clicking on my link NO added costs will be added to your final price just because I get a small percentage. Sometimes you may even get discounts by clicking on my links. The small percentage of the money I earn helps keep this blog up and running.

It Is Totally Your Choice

You don’t ever have to click on any of my affiliate links if you don’t want to – the choice is entirely up to you!

If you have any other questions about affiliate links feel free to contact me.